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There will come a time when you want to start a business or bring your existing business to the next level. While there are many factors to starting and growing a business, one of the most important factors is branding.

It’s critical that you find the right strategic creative partner to help you build your brand. Choosing the right branding agency can be a difficult process and you should ensure you select the correct one from the start.

We’ve put together some tips you should consider when choosing your branding agency.

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#1 First impressions

You can learn a lot about an agency’s passion and commitment to helping you build your brand by the initial engagement they have with you.

  • Are they excited about the prospect of working with you?
  • Do they ask the right questions and demonstrate an understanding of your needs?
  • Do they make time to answer your questions?
  • Do they ensure you are educated on their process and approach?
  • Is the initial chemistry with the agency good?
  • Does the agency align with your values?
  • Are they collaborative, proactive and innovative?
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#2 Experience

The best gauge of an agency’s capability and expertise is by looking at their previous work. It will give you a good idea of what to expect.

  • Make sure to look for diversity, innovation and creativity in their work.
  • Ask for previous success stories, how did they have help solve clients problems and reach their goals?
  • Do they have proof that they can get the job done, using results from previous similar projects?
  • Do they produce quality work regardless of industry?
  • Do they capture the authentic spirit of the brands they work with?
  • Does their work represent a good range of creative styles?
  • Do they have a proven ability to solve the unique challenges for each of their clients?
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#3 Well defined Process

Effective branding comes down to a well-defined process to ensure the strategy and creative execution are anchored in objective based evidence. Evidence that results in an authentic brand with a compelling message.

  • Make sure you find out how they work before sealing the deal.
  • What does their research process look like?
  • How will they ensure deadlines are met?
  • What tools do they use for efficiency?
  • What are the timelines, how do they communicate and how will assets be delivered.
  • How have they helped other businesses differentiate themselves from their competitors?
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#4 Reputation

Every agency has a reputation. One of the most important attributes of any agency is that they practice what they preach. If an agency offers to improve your brand loyalty, you want to make sure they’ve been able to cultivate loyalty of their own.

  • What do other clients say about their experience with the agency?
  • Is the agency positioned as an industry thought leader?
  • Does their blog contain intelligent and frequently shared content?
  • Do they offer downloadable guides, white papers, or checklists?
  • Do members of their leadership team speak at conferences or workshops?
  • Agencies with proven expertise and solid processes are likely to be sharing these valuable assets with the industry at large.
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#5 Investment

Branding is one of the biggest investments your business will make and it’s important that you get it right from the start. Don’t let cost be the factor on your decision with who you choose to develop your brand. What will it cost you if you get your branding wrong because you went with a cheaper agency. As the saying goes ‘You get what you pay for’. You’re building a brand for the future and the lowest price might not always be the best option.

  • Does the Branding agency understands your needs?
  • How have they worked with other clients in the past?
  • What ROI have they delivered for their clients?
  • What are your business goals and KPI’s?
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#6 Make Sure the Glove Fits

Choosing the right branding agency takes time and patience. It is important to look at multiple options and compare apples with apples in each area of consideration. The time you put into your search will ensure you’re matched with a company that’s perfect for your business. Rush the process and you may end up with a brand that doesn’t quite suit your company or resonate with your intended audience.

If you follow these guidelines you will be in a good position to select the right partner, a partner with expertise, experience and a process to help you build a successful brand for your business.

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Are you about to start a branding project? 

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