Good Design Can Save You Money and Increase Profits | Designit

Good design should makes life easier. People only tend to notice design when it is just plain bad... and bad design inevitably leads to frustration...and frustration inevitably leads to loss of sales.

First impressions count

A business that gives little consideration to design can indicate a lack of attention to detail. Thoughtless design can give the impression of a business that does not care about customer service. A badly designed website can also look like they don’t have faith in their own products or services.

Designing for better user experience

The sweet spot with design is finding the balance between functionality and accessibility. If your website is designed with the user clearly in mind, it will be looked at more favourably. Considered and creative design can make you distinct from the competition and will set you at an advantage. Most importantly, visitors will stay longer on your site as it offers them a better user experience.

Why is branding important?

Investing in brand identity can be invaluable. Building a strong brand will make the work of your sales people easier and more effective, make your employees more committed and encourage advocacy in your customers. It may not seem like an instantly rewarding exercise, but in the long run, solid branding will increase sales.

How does branding increase sales?

Good branding makes the purchase process easier for the customer. A solid brand may evoke feelings of loyalty and reliability. It may also conjure memories of positive experiences the customer has had with your brand in the past. This feeling of trust can take away any hesitation prior to conversion, thereby streamlining the path to purchase.

People pay more for quality

Good design gives the impression of quality. While people expect more from quality, they are also willing to pay more. By not focusing your efforts on design, you will be forced to compete on price. Good design, across all channels of communication, can exude confidence and position your brand appropriately within your chosen market. This means customers will be more accepting of your pricing strategy and you will spend less time convincing them to trust you.

The importance of graphic design

Running a business is a long-term commitment, it’s worth investing the time into future-proofing as much as you can. Flexibility is a design consideration that can save you money further down the road. For example, if your business grows and you extend your range of services, your website should be able to easily accommodate these changes.

Let your brand do the talking

Investing time into creating a consistent visual message can be invaluable. Brands that distinguish themselves have more of a chance of surviving in a competitive market place. When researching companies that offer the same service, customers will be more likely pick the company that they remember the most, and this is usually the one with the strongest brand identity. Just like packaging design, before a customer has used a product they make a decision based on what it looks like. Therefore, good design can attract new customers and increase sales.

Good design creates a more productive work environment

An holistic approach to design throughout a business can have a positive influence on productivity. Good design can build pride and loyalty amongst staff members and bring cohesion to a team. The environment that you create through good design, even down to the interiors of where you work, can dramatically influence workflow and office morale.


Businesses that undervalue the importance of design may be missing out on vital opportunities. Good, considered design will streamline your path to success and you will encounter fewer obstacles along the way. A well-designed website will improve your ranking with Google, meaning customers will be able to find you more easily. You will also reap the benefits of building a recognisable brand, as more and more customers will be attracted to you. Therefore, adopting a 360º approach to your branding will ultimately save you time, energy and money in the long run.